It's Easy to Get Better Accuracy and More Scale in Less than 48 Hours

TruSignal's On-Demand Custom Audiences pinpoint the right prospects to target and who to avoid, based on existing or ideal customers. Agencies and media planners use these audiences to reduce fraud, stop wasting impressions on false signals and find millions of people that generic segments often miss.

Our custom audiences are powered by verified, identity-based data that you can't access online or through DSPs.

Our predictive scoring engine combines first-party data and TruSignal's offline, people-based data to score 220 million U.S. adults to determine who is likely to convert, and who is not. Our clients have seen massive improvements in performance, including increases in conversions and decreases in CPAs compared to what they were doing before.

See the power of offline data for yourself. Register for the TruAudience® Platform for access to more than 360 consumer insights about your existing customers in minutes and to build your own custom, people-based audiences in just a few clicks.

6 Reasons Custom Audiences Are Better Than Segments

Better Performance

TruSignal’s custom audiences outperformed other digital tactics 92%, according to The Total Economic Impact™ Of TruSignal, a September 2016 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of TruSignal.

Better Price

We price our On-Demand Custom Audiences below most generic segments, giving you more ways to help your clients.


With TruSignal, there’s no paperwork. Use your DSP’s existing terms and enjoy automated billing that’s already set up through our LiveRamp IdentityLink integration.


The TruAudience® Platform allows you to choose your audience size, based on your scale needs and budget, so you can target from 2 million to more than 40 million people who look like your existing customers.


We custom-build your audience in less than 48 hours. This includes uploading the seed file, building the custom lookalike model, predictive scoring and selecting the audience.


TruSignal is a people-based solution, meaning you can target the same people across display, social, mobile, native, video, TV and radio.

Getting Started is Easy

Pick a

Send the Details

We Build the
Custom Audience

We Send the Audience

We can ingest many types of seed data: CRM, pixels, log files, mobile IDs, location and search data.

Upload the see file and build your own custom audience using the TruAudience® Platform. Or, just send us the seed file, tell us the audience size and where you want the audience sent. We do the rest.

We build your custom, people-based audience using powerful offline data, predictive modeling and by scoring 220 million U.S. adults to determine who to target and who to avoid.

We send the audience to any of our more than 400 integration points. We can even help with reporting across multiple destination points if needed.

The TruAudience® Platform: Create your own custom Lookalike Audiences and discover more than 360 insights about your customers.