Increase Performance with a Programmatic Approach

Instead of using prospect lists with rudimentary criteria, TruSignal's custom people-based solution uses AI and machine learning to target people who look like your recent converters or responders to find new prospects likely to respond and convert.

We use offline data and predictive scoring to calculate a score for 247 million U.S. adults, using KPI-based seed data, to pinpoint the best people to mail, at scale. Custom predictive scoring takes a digital, people-based approach to reach great prospects that prospect lists miss, and avoids mailing people who are unlikely to respond or convert.


Getting Started is Easy

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a Seed

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We Analyze
Offline Data

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We Build the
Custom Audience

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We Send the Audience



Custom People-Based Scoring

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We can ingest many types of seed data from you or from one of our partners: CRM, pixels, mobile IDs, location data, search data and more.

We combine the seed with our offline profile data to analyze thousands of data points per profile in order to build a predictive model.

We use the custom predictive model to calculate a score for 247 million U.S. adults to determine who to mail and who to avoid.

We send the audience to the pre-approved distributor.

4 Reasons Custom Audiences Deliver Powerful Results

Proven to Improve Digital Performance

Proven Results

TruSignal has improved marketing campaigns for leading brands and agencies across verticals.

Scale Audience Based on Campaign Needs


You select your audience size, based on scale and budget needs, to target likely responders.

Custom Audiences Available in Less than 48 Hours


We model and score your custom, people-based audience in a matter of hours.

Cross-Channel Reach


Our solutions are people-based so you can target the same people in your direct mail audience across every digital channel and device.