A Scalable People-Based Solution

TruSignal's Audience Expansion is an accurate and scalable monetization solution that expands the scale of your first-party data in hours. Meet client scale and performance needs using our offline data and AI-driven predictive scoring to expand the size of your existing audiences by up to 20 million consumers, all while targeting people who are at least two times more likely to engage, respond or convert.

We start with a sample of your first-party data and our robust offline data to evaluate thousands of data points to calculate a predictive score for 247 million U.S. adults. These scores help you increase the scale of your first-party data without compromising the quality. TruSignal's predictive scoring engine is built for capacity; we build hundreds of custom audiences every month for leading data providers, platforms and publishers.

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6 Reasons Custom Performs Better than Segments

Proven to Improve Digital Performance

Proven Results

TruSignal has improved marketing campaigns for leading brands and agencies across verticals.



We share hundreds of audience insights and the predictive factors that drive each model.

Easy Platform Interface


We can ingest many types of seed data to pinpoint people who will drive your client's KPIs.

Scale Audience Based on Campaign Needs


You select your audience size, based on scale and budget needs, to target likely converters.

Custom Audiences Available in Less than 48 Hours


We model and score your custom, people-based audience in a matter of hours.

Cross-Channel Reach


Our solutions are people-based so you can target the same people across every digital channel and device.

3 Easy Ways to Get Started with Audience Expansion

People-based Audience Expansion creation has never been easier. You can use our platform UI, we can do the work for you, or you can leverage Custom APIs to integrate the platform’s capabilities into your own UI. See how our technology is driven by a unique approach to offline data, AI, predictive scoring and omnichannel activation at our predictive scoring engine page.

TruAudience® Platform

Powerful offline data and custom predictive scoring in an end-to-end solution that you can leverage to build and distribute hundreds of omnichannel audiences in a fraction of the time.


Our custom APIs bring the TruAudience® Platform's insights, models, audiences and omnichannel distribution to life within your own UI to enhance reach, customization and flexibility.

Send Us
a Seed

Send us your seed file via a secure FTP and we do the rest. We build a predictive model using offline data to score 247 million U.S. adults, from 0 to 99, based on your campaign objective, all in a matter of hours.