TruSignal Pioneers New Approach to Digital Marketing

SAN FRANCISCO – March 3, 2014 – TruSignal, a next generation, data-driven marketing company, announced today a new approach to digital marketing and introduced Demand CampaignsSM mid-funnel digital campaigns that target future customers based on value.

TruSignal’s Demand Campaigns leverage the best practices of direct marketing—massive amounts of offline data, predictive analytics, test/control, optimization, performance measurement—and adapt them for digital. This approach enables digital marketers to acquire profitable customers they are not reaching today.

While the focus of the digital marketing world is currently on either branding (top of funnel) or conversion (bottom-funnel) strategies, there is a huge need to actually create new demand in the mid-funnel.

This breakthrough approach is available to TruSignal clients through three kinds of Demand Campaigns; Demand Creation, Lead Reactivation, and Direct Mail Acceleration Campaigns. By creating more demand, the campaigns complement a marketer’s existing top- and bottom-funnel efforts and expand the addressable market with a focus on valuable future customers.

“All of our clients already have effective bottom-funnel strategies in place, but they were asking for a provable way to acquire more high-value customers,” stated David Dowhan, President of TruSignal. “Demand Campaigns’ value focus is quite complementary to the conversion focus of other campaigns. TruSignal fills a critical need to target and acquire high-value future customers, even before there is any in-market signal.”

“TruSignal enables us to create new demand in the marketplace by targeting users who may or may not have considered online education, but have a high propensity to convert and sustain as a student at Liberty,” stated Claire Diamond, Associate Director of Strategic Communications at Liberty University.

Not only has TruSignal pioneered the concept of demand campaigns, they’ve also set a new standard for best practices in optimizing and measuring mid-funnel campaigns.

  • Audience Creation. TruSignal uses a method far superior to common “lookalike” audience targeting. Using a client’s first party data as a template, TruSignal audiences target based on future customer value. TruSignal builds 100 percent of their custom audiences offline, accessing thousands of predictive attributes per record, making our audience targeting the most precise method available today. In fact, most of the offline data TruSignal accesses is not available through DSPs, ad exchanges, or any other online source.
  • Campaign Optimization. Optimize mid-funnel campaigns with repeated exposure of a consistent message to the same people over time. TruSignal experts optimize mid-funnel demand campaigns to target a specific audience with the same message across multiple channels—display, Facebook, Twitter, mobile and video—to ensure your campaign is carrying the same consistent message to the same audience, wherever they are.
  • ROI Measurement. Accurately measure the impact of your campaigns. Many attribution systems only measure how many new customers were touched by the campaign. They can’t measure how many would have converted anyway (incremental impact) and there are significant challenges with reconciling online-to-offline impact. TruSignal’s rigorous test/control approach, Net IncrementalityTM, measures the incremental number of new customers that result from a campaign and provides a closed-loop measure of campaign performance, regardless of the user’s path to conversion.

New Web Site

TruSignal also announced the launch of their new and improved website, The site explores Demand Campaigns in more detail, outlines TruSignal’s unique approach to mid-funnel demand creation, and explains the technology behind their proprietary data-driven marketing platform.

About TruSignal

TruSignal is a next generation, data-driven marketing company. Our mid-funnel Demand CampaignsSM focus on customer value, targeting and acquiring new high-value customers you’re not reaching today. TruSignal’s platform combines a proprietary predictive analytics engine, 12 different classes of offline data, thousands of predictive attributes, a unique closed-loop measurement system, and a massive, unrivaled digital reach—all built to optimize coordinated campaigns across many channels including: display, Facebook, Twitter, mobile, and video. Behind all the technology, our team brings decades of experience in data-driven marketing, predictive analytics, experimental design, campaign optimization, and scalable big data management. TruSignal was spun off from eBureau, its sister company, in 2012. TruSignal investors include Redpoint Ventures, Split Rock Partners and Tenaya Capital.

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For more info, contact:

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Anna Haire

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As director of marketing, Anna manages the execution of TruSignal’s marketing strategy including content and thought leadership, events, social media, lead generation and lead nurturing.
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