TruSignal, Inc. Launches Third-Party Seed Data Network to Increase Access to TruSignal’s Bid Price Optimizer™

TruSignal’s third-party seed data network features industry-leading data providers and helps advertisers optimize impression-level bidding with custom, people-based, data-driven solutions

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – August 27, 2018 – TruSignal, Inc., a leading predictive scoring and people-based marketing technology business, today announced the launch of its third-party seed data network, fueled by relationships with leading data providers, including Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS), NinthDecimal, ShareThis and more. The third-party seed data network provides advertisers and agencies the ability to leverage new data sets to drive TruSignal’s Bid Price Optimizer™ (BPO) solution.

TruSignal’s Bid Price Optimizer™ is a new way to apply data to improve campaigns. Bid Price Optimizer™ determines the right price to pay for impressions using offline data, artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive scoring to make smarter bid decisions in real time. Predictive scores are leveraged by DSPs as an additional data point to adjust bids up or down based on each user’s likelihood to convert, increasing engagements by up to 65% and decreasing cost per acquisition (CPA) by up to 34%.

In order to build the custom solution, TruSignal’s TruAudience® Platform analyzes seed data aligned to key performance indicators (KPIs) and builds a predictive model specific to an advertiser’s campaign using TruSignal’s massive offline data set. Then TruSignal uses the predictive model to calculate a score for 247 million U.S. adults based on their likelihood to convert.

The seed data network can be leveraged for TruSignal’s Bid Price Optimizer™ solution and includes CPG purchase-based audience segments from NCS, location data from NinthDecimal, online behavioral data from ShareThis, as well as TruSignal’s existing industry-specific offline data. TruSignal’s AI-powered TruAudience® Platform is key to activating this data because it features flexible data ingestion capabilities and machine learning algorithms.

“TruSignal’s BPO optimization solution is a great opportunity for advertisers to enhance their campaign efficiencies,” said Brian Slitt, chief revenue officer of NinthDecimal. “With NinthDecimal’s location data, advertisers can create a higher caliber of data-driven solutions using pre-bid seed data to help them increase incremental value across all their programmatic campaigns.”

IAB research shows advertisers continue to increase data spend and feel they need more supporting technology to activate data-driven initiatives, including programmatic media buying and predictive modeling. In addition, a report from Business Insider found that RTB will account for more than 33% of U.S. digital ad sales in 2018.

“We’re excited to work with leading data providers to deliver smarter data-driven solutions for advertisers across the ecosystem,” said David Dowhan, CEO and founder of TruSignal. “At a time when our industry requires improved performance backed by strong data governance practices and increased transparency, alliances with trustworthy brands are critical to our clients.”

TruSignal continues to work to expand the third-party seed data network with additional data providers to provide seed data for TruSignal’s Bid Price Optimizer™ solution as well as TruSignal’s Lookalike Audiences.

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About TruSignal, Inc.

TruSignal, Inc. is an innovative leader in people-based marketing technology for Fortune 500 brands, agencies and platforms. TruSignal uses predictive scoring, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), to make big data actionable for one-to-one addressable marketing. TruSignal delivers incredible results by pinpointing the best people to target at scale and optimizing the bid price for every impression. This is all accomplished through the TruAudience® Platform, which combines a robust deterministic identity graph, a massive third-party data set, an advanced AI engine with multiple machine learning algorithms, extensive people-based, omnichannel ID matching technology and a robust set of integration APIs that fuel partner platforms with powerful insights, custom lookalike audiences, audience expansion and bid price optimization solutions that are easy, accurate, scalable and fast.

Founded in 2012, TruSignal’s team brings decades of experience in data-driven marketing, machine learning and actionable Big Data solutions.

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