We have years of experience using offline data and predictive scoring to build custom people-based audiences for every channel and device. These audiences are different from the rest because they leverage a different set of assets to achieve success. What truly sets us apart is our Predictive Scoring Engine, which combines our offline data, predictive scoring and cross-channel onboarding to power efficient branding, acquisition, direct response and retargeting campaigns. We offer solutions that are simply not available from any other company.



Unique Data Assets

Aggregation of 12 offline data categories and thousands of attributes per record. Many of the attributes are not available through online sources.

The average online user cookie profile has only 50 data attributes.

Massive Data Breadth

Coverage for 220 million U.S. adults with our more than 380 million cookie profiles, 3.7 billion hashed emails and 350 million mobile IDs for onboarding.

Few companies have similar coverage, breath and depth of data, or come close to the same number of matched anonymous cookie profiles and hashed emails.

Custom Audience Creation

Our custom audiences are always 100% unique to your brand. Your custom audience is created from first-party data and raw data attributes to determine which consumers are a good fit for your brand … and which are not.

Other companies create “custom” audiences by selecting and combining a handful of pre-defined segments (e.g., age, gender, etc.) or site behavior (e.g., product views).

Cross-Channel Campaigns

A truly portable, custom solution that works in desktop, mobile, native, social, TV, radio and video.

Some are limited to a single channel and must try to find similar audiences, not the same person, in other channels.

Pioneering TruAudience® Platform

Our unique platform allows marketers to access more than 360 consumer insights, build custom audiences and distribute them, all through self-serve portals that put Predictive Score Marketing in the hands of marketers.

No other platform gives you the power to leverage your first-party data, massive amounts of third-party offline data, predictive scoring and cross-channel distribution in one, easy-to-use interface.

People-Based Marketing

We build our audiences using verified consumer profiles from our database of 220 million U.S. adults so you can target individual profiles based on unique data attributes that connect to actual people.

Audiences derived from segments,  cookies or behavioral signals have little insight into the true value of the consumers that make up the audience, and they’re often susceptible to fraud.

No Black Boxes

We share the specific data and the process we use to build your custom audience.

Many provide a single-blended CPM that includes media and data costs. Any cost/media savings result in greater profit for the media company. Many are unwilling or unable to reveal secret black box algorithms and data.

Precision at Scale

Our Predictive Scoring Engine and people-based audiences result in precision at tremendous scale—typically greater than 10 million.

For many targeting companies the “ideal” audience is too small and the only way to get a large enough audience is to decrease accuracy.

Full-Funnel Solutions

Our solutions are aligned to marketing objectives across branding, prospecting and behavioral campaigns.

Most other companies only have assets or solutions for a single type of campaign.