Take Your Marketing to the Next Level


The TruAudience® Platform is an easy-to-use, end-to-end solution that activates first-party data and offline consumer data in minutes for smarter targeting and cross-channel activation.

In a few clicks you can upload a sample of your existing customers or website visitors to explore more than 360 insights about your sample audience. Use self-serve portals to create custom, people-based audiences with our predictive scoring engine and activate them across more than 400 marketing platforms.

Hundreds of Customer Insights You’re Missing

Learn hundreds of new insights about your customers or anonymous website visitors right now, using the TruAudience® Platform's easy, self-serve interface.

Access your Insights today to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers
  • Improve your messaging and creative
  • Strengthen your existing personas
  • Elevate your marketing team

View a sample Insights report.

The Next Generation of Data-Driven Marketing

Consumer insights are just the beginning of what's possible with this end-to-end solution. The TruAudience® Platform puts the building blocks of Predictive Score Marketing at your fingertips: the power of predictive scoring, custom-built audiences and cross-channel marketing.

The TruAudience® Platform uses the insights from your first-party data, combined with our robust offline consumer data (on average 2,700 attributes per profile), to build lookalike and prospecting audiences that you can use to target new, valuable consumers across more than 400 display, social, video, mobile, TV, radio and native platforms.

To create your audiences, we score 220 million U.S. adults to determine who is likely to become your next best customer, and who is not.

You have access to all of the scores to help you understand the value of every consumer and impression. Use the highest scores to expand your acquisition campaigns, or use the full score range to help make smarter bidding decisions about what to pay for each impression.

Get more details about how we build the custom audiences at our How We Do It page.


Steps to Smarter Targeting

Offline Third-Party
Profile Data

40x the data compared to online cookies

Custom Predictive

Analyzing thousands of offline data points per profile


Evaluating the fit of each profile


Same audience across social, TV, radio, native, mobile desktop and video

The TruAudience® Platform: Create your own custom Lookalike Audiences and discover more than 360 insights about your customers.



The TruAudience® Platform Principals


We share insights about your customers and anonymous website visitors, covering 7 categories: demographics, financial, automotive, employment, political, purchases and interests. Through every step we show you the core drivers behind predictive scoring.


The TruAudience Platform Makes it Easy

Our platform allows you to upload first-party data in a matter of minutes. Clean visuals help you to understand your best customers in incredible detail. You can even access modeling and distribution services quickly and easily within the platform.


Our platform instantly hashes personal identity information to protect consumer privacy. Your data is only used within your account and no where else.

TruAudienceQuickStartGuideThumb-copyTruAudience® Platform Quick Start Guide

A step-by-step guide to upload a sample file, view insights, build predictive models and distribute custom, people-based audiences across 400 leading platforms—all in just a few clicks.

TruAudiencePlatformOverviewThumbTruAudience® Platform Overview

See how the TruAudience® Platform uses first-party data, offline data and predictive scoring to deliver custom people-based audiences in a few clicks.

TruAudienceFAQThumbTruAudience® Platform Insights FAQ

A resource guide containing frequently asked questions about the TruAudience® Platform Insights module.

TruAudience® Platform Video Demos

Watch our next demonstration to see how easy it is to upload a customer sample file to the TruAudience® Platform in minutes.
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