Our predictive scoring engine is built to power people-based Predictive Score Marketing.

We Make Predictive Score Marketing Work For You

Our predictive scoring engine combines the power of offline data, predictive scoring and cross-channel distribution—the building blocks of Predictive Score Marketing—to improve the performance of your digital targeting campaigns. We use your first-party data and offline consumer profile data to calculate a score for 220 million U.S. adults that predicts who is likely to become your next best customer. These custom-built lookalike audiences are built from people-based, verified data to provide you a comprehensive view of your consumers and are portable across desktop, native, mobile, social, video, TV and radio. We implement this process in three simple steps.


Your First-Party Data

We start with your first-party data: a sample of your existing or ideal customers. You can send your sample of customers in one of many ways, including a pixel fire from web pages, a CRM file, mobile IDs or through a log file, to name a few. Then we use offline consumer profile data to uncover insights about your customers, which we share with with you.


Predictive Scoring Engine

We use the sample of your best customers and our massive store of offline data to analyze thousands of data attributes per profile—weighing each according to relative importance—to build a predictive model unique to your brand. Then we use this model to calculate a score from 0 to 99 for 220 million U.S. adults to predict who is likely become your next best customer.


Use the Scores Everywhere

We deliver all of the scores to you so you can target the top scoring adults to meet audience expansion and prospecting initiatives, and so you can integrate the full score range with your DSP to make smarter impression-level bidding decisions. All of our audiences are platform agnostic and can be used through any of our more than 400 integration points, allowing you to reach the exact same people across desktop, TV, radio, mobile, native, social and video. Finally, we share all data insights we discover about your existing customers with you.

Offline Data Makes Our Scores & Audiences One-of-a-Kind

We use different data. Our offline profile data is linked to actual consumers. We aggregate data from multiple sources, covering 12 different data categories, to amass a data set with more than 9 billion data points.

If you use segment targeting, you’re missing millions of people who have the potential to be great customers because they don’t meet one or two demographic characteristics. Predictive audiences target high-value prospects, based on thousands of data points each, so you reach more of the right people at scale.

Predictive Scoring Pinpoints More of the Right Consumers

TruSignal uses offline data and custom predictive scoring to predict consumer value. We start with a first-party data sample of best customers and combine it with our robust offline profile data in our predictive scoring engine to analyze thousands of data attributes per profile, weighing each according to relative importance. The result is a custom predictive model that we use to calculate a score from 0 to 99 for 220 million U.S. adults that predicts how likely they are to convert.

These scores are used to create audiences that enable brands, agencies, data providers, publishers to pinpoint more of the right people to target and increase the efficiency and accuracy of their digital targeting.

The TruAudience® Platform: Create your own custom Lookalike Audiences and discover more than 360 insights about your customers.