A Next Generation of People-Based Marketing Technology

The TruAudience® Platform unifies our massive offline third-party data set, the intelligence of AI using multiple machine learning algorithms, the sophistication of predictive scoring—all in a matter of hours—with people-based marketing and omnichannel ID matching technology.

We're the only platform in the industry that scores 247 million U.S. adults to determine who is likely to become a customer for your client, and who is not. Use these audiences to uncover insights, improve targeting, optimize bidding and expand scale.

Get more details about how we build custom audiences at our predictive scoring engine page.


360 Consumer Insights

Take Your Client's Marketing to the Next Level

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Secure First-Party Data Upload

Customer Data

Use CRM data, pixels, proximity mapping, or tap into our massive third-party data set to find a sample aligned to your client's marketing objectives. In minutes you can access more than 360 insights.

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Our AI-driven platform builds custom predictive models using multiple machine learning algorithms, based on uploaded customer data and our offline third-party data, in a fraction of the time it can take others.

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Once the model is complete, we calculate score from 0 to 99 for 247 million U.S. adults. You customize the score range to select a people-based audience to target, or integrate all of the scores into your DSP to improve bidding.

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Cross-Channel Distribution

Omnichannel Activation

Activate across more than 400 platforms through our LiveRamp integration. Our people-based solutions allow you to target and bid smarter across every digital channel and device.

The TruAudience  Platform Principals



We share hundreds of audience insights and the predictive factors that drive each model.


We follow guidance from the NAI and DAA and have flexibility to comply with regulatory requirements.

Scale Audience Based on Campaign Needs


You select your audience size, based on scale and budget needs, to target likely converters.

Easy Platform Interface


We can ingest many types seed data to pinpoint people who will drive your client's KPIs.

Custom Audiences Available in Less than 48 Hours


We model and score your custom, people-based audience in a matter of hours.

Cross-Channel Reach


Our solutions are people-based so you can target the same people across every digital channel and device.

5 Reasons Brands and Agencies Love TruSignal


decrease in CPAs


increase in conversions


improvement in CPE


lift in


increase in conversions

TruAudiencePlatformOverviewThumbTruAudience® Platform Overview

See how the TruAudience® Platform uses first-party data, offline data and predictive scoring to deliver custom people-based audiences in a few clicks.

TruAudienceQuickStartGuideThumb-copyTruAudience® Platform Quick Start Guides

Step-by-step guides to upload a sample file, view insights, build models and distribute custom, people-based audiences.
1. Download Upload Quick Start
2. Download Insights Quick Start
3. Download Model Quick Start
4. Download Audiences Quick Start
5. Download Distribution Quick Start

TruAudienceFAQThumbTruAudience® Platform Insights FAQ

A resource guide containing frequently asked questions about the TruAudience® Platform Insights module.

The TruAudience® Platform: Licensed third-party data, AI-powered predictive modeling and omnichannel people-based matching deliver more than 360 audience insights, custom Lookalike Audiences and bidding optimization at your fingertips.