A Next Generation of People-Based Marketing Technology

The TruAudience® Platform uses omnichannel ID matching technology to drive people-based marketing initiatives. This is accomplished by unifying TruSignal's offline third-party data set, AI-powered predictive scoring using multiple machine learning algorithms and the capacity to manage audience data. With the TruAudience® Platform, brands, agencies, platforms and data owners can:

  • Build people-based audiences that align with KPIs in just a few clicks, or select a seed to build a Lookalike Audience that's ready in hours.
  • Leverage TruSignal's identity graph as the backbone for Audience Expansion to expand the scale of first-party data for monetization.
  • View more than 360 insights for every file uploaded or audience created for a deeper understanding of your audiences.    

Our platform can build a predictive audience to help you determine who is likely to become a customer and who is not in hours. Use these custom audiences to uncover insights, improve targeting, optimize bidding and expand scale.

Get more details about how we build custom audiences at our predictive scoring engine page.


Take Data-Driven Marketing to the Next Level


Flexible Seed Data Options

Leverage our identity graph to upload CRM data, mobile IDs, DMP IDs, generate a pixel for your website or a proximity file based on brick-and-mortar locations.

Audience Builder


Easily search, discover and combine first- and/or third-party audiences to leverage as seed for lookalike audiences, or create custom audiences for omnichannel distribution.



360 insights covering demographic, financial, employment, auto, political, purchase and interests, delivered in customizable and sharable reports to drive further collaboration.

Model & Audiences


Dynamically select audience size to meet scale, reach and predictive lift goals. We also share the predictive factors that contribute to every model.


Cross-Channel Reach

Through our LiveRamp IdentityLink™ and direct integrations, our audiences are omnichannel by design. Distribute to more than 400 connection points.

An Audience Management System for Data Owners


Data owners need tools to curate, store, leverage, expand and sell data. With their own data challenges that platforms like CDPs, DMPs and DSPs were never meant to solve, data owners need a solution that offers more scale, flexibility, integration and data insight to power activation.

With the TruAudience® Platform as your audience management system, now you can bring your own data for easier activation. 

Upload data segments to the platform to create an audience taxonomy that can continually be refreshed.

Unify, enhance and activate your first-party data segments to drive revenue. Increase first-party data scale with predictive audiences and create new audiences with and/or/not statements. Tap in to additional third-party data to build even more audiences.

Leverage the platform via an easy-to-use UI or flexible APIs that allow you to control how you create audiences and the data you use.

With every data segment upload and audience created, access hundreds of insights and omnichannel distribution.

3 Ways to Leverage TruAudience® Platform

People-based audience creation and management has never been easier. See how our technology is powered by a unique approach to offline data, predictive scoring and omnichannel activation at our predictive scoring engine page.

TruAudience® Platform UI

Powerful offline data and predictive scoring in an end-to-end solution that you can leverage to build and distribute hundreds of custom audiences in a fraction of the time.

Custom APIs

Our custom APIs bring the TruAudience® Platform's insights, models, audiences and omnichannel distribution to life within your own UI to enhance reach, customization and flexibility.

Send Us a Seed

Send us your seed file via secure FTP and we do the rest. We build a predictive model using offline data to score 247 million U.S. adults, from 0 to 99, based on your campaign objective, all in a matter of hours.

TruAudience® Platform Quick Start Guides

Step-by-step guides to navigate the TruAudience® Platform's people-based modules.

1. Download Dashboard Quick Start
2. Download Insights Quick Start
3. Download Model Quick Start
4. Download Audiences Quick Start
5. Download Custom Audience Builder Quick Start
6. Download Distribution Quick Start

TruAudience® Platform: Offline data, custom audience creation, AI-powered predictive modeling and people-based matching deliver 360+ audience insights, omnichannel targeting, monetization and bidding optimization.