Lookalike Audience Improves Cost Per Engagement 68%

In this case study, a leading home building company wanted to increase the number of high-value leads and improve engagements generated from digital advertising across social and display. TruSignal custom-built a Lookalike Audience to help the home builder find and target consumers highly likely to convert. The TruSignal campaign delivered month-over-month improvement of leads and engagements, convincing the client to renew for an additional eight months.




About TruSignal, Inc.

We're an innovative leader in people-based marketing technology for Fortune 500 brands, agencies, platforms, publishers and data owners. We use predictive scoring, powered by AI, to make big data actionable for one-to-one addressable marketing. We deliver incredible results by pinpointing the best people to target at scale and optimizing the bid price for every impression. This is all accomplished through the TruAudience® Platform, which combines a robust deterministic identity graph, a massive third-party data set, an advanced AI engine with multiple machine learning algorithms, extensive people-based, omnichannel ID matching technology and a robust set of integration APIs that fuel partner platforms with powerful insights, custom audience building, lookalike audiences, audience expansion and bid price optimization solutions that are easy, accurate, scalable and fast.

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