Bid Price Optimizer™ Increases Engagements by 45%

A leading automaker's agency was running display prospecting using a prominent DSP to make impression-level bidding decisions. In order to increase engagement rate and decrease CPAs, the agency and the automaker were looking for an innovative solution that could easily integrate with the DSP. Download the case study to learn how TruSignal build a Bid Price Optimizer™ that drove a 45% increase in engagement rate and a 15% decrease in cost per acquisition.



About TruSignal

We’re a leader in Predictive Score Marketing: leveraging offline data and predictive scoring to accurately and efficiently target people across channels and devices. Our TruAudience® Platform is a self-serve tool that brings Predictive Score Marketing to life, giving marketers access to consumer insights, predictive scoring, custom audience creation and cross-channel distribution—all within a few clicks.

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