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Find Profitable Prospects Efficiently

Based on only a handful of characteristics, segments are inefficient because they target millions of people who will never engage, respond or convert, and miss millions of people who will. TruSignal builds custom solutions for financial services companies that pinpoint people who are likely to drive your KPIs.

We use offline data and predictive scoring to analyze thousands of data points per profile and find people who look like your existing best customers. Then we score 247 million U.S. adults, based on your customers, to find the great prospects you’re missing today across every digital channel and device. TruSignal creates custom solutions for leading financial services brands, working closely to suppress attributes that we understand are prohibited by federal law to be included in audience creation for advertising of credit-related products and services.

4 Reasons TruSignal Outperforms the Rest



We share hundreds of audience insights and the predictive factors that drive each model.

Easy Platform Interface


Use audience data from your own media platform or work with our team to create a custom solution that pinpoints more of the right people.

Cross-Channel Reach


Our solutions are people-based so you can target the same people across desktop, native, social, mobile, video, television and radio.

Custom Audiences Available in Less than 48 Hours


Use a pre-built Specialized Audience now, or we can model and score a custom, people-based audience in a few hours.

3 Powerful Solutions

Bid Price Optimizer Icon Reverse

Bid Price

Pay the right price for every impression.

Lookalike Audiences Reverse Icon


Pinpoint more of the right people to target.

Specialized Audiences Reverse Icon

Specialized Audiences

Target the top buyers of financial services products.


Learn How TruSignal Drives Incredible Results: The Total Economic Impact™ of TruSignal, a September 2016 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of TruSignal

Download this study to learn how TruSignal improved return on ad spend by 92% compared to all other targeting tactics—including online behavioral campaigns. Learn how offline data and predictive scoring can be leveraged with existing campaigns to drive accurate, efficient targeting across every channel and device.


Life Insurance Broker Uses Display to Reach New Policy Holders

To generate consistent results and acceptable ROI from display, this life insurance broker used a custom lookalike audience model to find online consumers more likely to become customers who spend more.


Home Warranty Leader Sees 200+% Lift in Sales

Using a powerful lookalike audience, this company was able to target people who were more likely to convert to increase sales above the baseline for every month of the campaign.