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Pay the Right Price for Every Impression with Data-Driven Innovation

CPG marketing continues to demand better solutions. Marketers can no longer solely rely on demographics to determine consumer fit. Everyone has access to the same shopping data, making it increasingly challenging to compete.

To help CPG clients, TruSignal's Bid Price Optimizer™ uses consumer data and expansive offline profile data to calculate a score for 247 million U.S. consumers to help you pay the right price for every impression. Combine the power of online and offline data to make the right bid decision across every digital channel and device, increase engagements and decrease CPAs.

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TruSignal Offline Data + Predictive Scoring

+ Online Data


4 Reasons TruSignal Delivers Smarter Bidding

Custom Audiences Available in Less than 48 Hours


We build custom predictive models to score 247 million U.S. adults and deliver a custom solution in a matter of hours.

Easy Platform Interface


Getting started is easy. We're integrated with leading DSPs to leverage offline data in making custom bid decisions.



We share more than 360 audience insights about your customers. Through every step, we show you what drives the predictive scores.

Cross-Channel Reach


Our people-based solution means you can bid against the same people across every digital channel and device.