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The TruAudience® Platform

Thank you for your interest in the TruAudience® Platform. TruSignal’s end-to-end solution that combines the power of offline data, AI-powered predictive scoring and omnichannel audience distribution for monetization, targeting and optimization initiatives.

This demonstration will highlight how you can:

  • Upload customer data in minutes to access more than 360 insights about your existing customers
  • Build custom predictive models and people-based audiences in hours
  • Unify, enhance and activate first- and third-party data to build custom audiences
  • Distribute your audiences across every digital channel and device in days

We’ll also explain the power behind TruSignal’s proprietary predictive scoring process, which uses first-party data, offline data and AI-powered predictive modeling to calculate a score for 247 million U.S. adults to determine who is likely to become your next best customer, and who is not.