A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study: The Total Economic Impact™ of TruSignal

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The Challenge

The Total Economic Impact™ of TruSignal, a September 2016 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of TruSignal, explores the challenge of an industry-leading firm that aimed to extend reach to targeting to high-value prospects. In addition, the firm wanted to be more efficient with its targeting by suppressing people who were not the right consumers for its campaigns.

The Solution

TruSignal used offline data and predictive scoring to calculate a score for 220 million U.S. adults to determine who was likely to become a customer for the brand and who was not. The brand then targeted the high-value prospects, the top 5% of the scores, to drive more high-balance customers. The brand also used a larger range of the predictive scores to optimize its existing campaigns.

The Results

Forrester Consulting’s analysis quantified the benefits of the TruSignal campaign, including increased marketing efficiency and accuracy and a total campaign ROI of 435%. The study reveals that TruSignal outperformed other campaign tactics by 92%. In addition, TruSignal’s custom-built audiences increased reach and access to new, high-value prospects, increasing average account value per customer by 24% over other targeting methods.