TruSignal‰’s Syndicated Segments Now Available Through eXelate

Today we are excited to announce our newly formed partnership with eXelate, a leading audience data exchange for digital marketers.  We’ve built some great propensity models for specific verticals, including auto insurance, term life insurance, online education, mortgage refinance, political donation, political affiliation, financial health and underbanked consumers.

These TruAudience Syndicated Segments enable marketers to target digital advertising to high value prospects. Some of the TruAudience segments are designed for brand marketers who want to target their most valuable prospects high up in the funnel. Others are designed for direct marketers to squeeze more ROI out of programmatic buying. Because all TruAudience segments are built ‘from scratch,’ we are able to include unique data elements that simply cannot be purchased anywhere else. Our highly tailored approach ensures that we are always using the right data to find the desired target audience. And talk about scale — our TruAudience segments cover more than 100 million consumers.

As a distribution partner, the eXelate marketplace will serve an integral role in getting those syndicated audiences out to buyers.  Here are five more reasons we are excited to work with eXelate:

#1: They have a rock star team! We’ve truly enjoyed forming and growing our relationship with their executive, technology, sales and marketing teams.

#2: We love that eXelate’s singular mission is connecting data buyers and sellers with valuable, actionable and unique data. They are one of the leaders in bringing the right data into the ecosystem to grow the Internet’s one-to-one marketing potential.

#3: They have a high level of expertise in the digital ad ecosystem and are continuing to push the envelope with new data offerings and products, like their recent announcement of maX.

#4: The eXelate marketplace structure allows our unique data segments to be exploited in a very compelling way both for brand marketing and direct response campaigns.

#5: They are excited to partner with us and to share our unique targeting approach with their buyers, helping to get our message out to the masses.  For example, they are hosting a digital media modeling summit, Modeling eXposed, June 20 in NYC to address innovations in data modeling.


Anna Haire

About Anna Haire

As director of marketing, Anna manages the execution of TruSignal’s marketing strategy including content and thought leadership, events, social media, lead generation and lead nurturing.
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