Conquering the Middle Funnel Requires a New Approach to Digital Marketing

The entire premise around mid-funnel marketing is to influence users to learn more about your brand, to educate them and motivate them to take action. But unless you are targeting the right people—those who look like your existing, best customers—the growth potential of a mid-funnel strategy is limited.

How do you find the right people to influence? Those consumers who aren’t showing in-market signals today, but who are a great fit for your product or brand?

While the mid-funnel imperative might feel evident—how else will you grow your business beyond the limited number of in-market consumers you’re reaching today?—the truth of the matter is the way that most of us think about and execute digital marketing is through either branding (top of the funnel) or conversion (bottom of the funnel) strategies.

Creating new demand in high-value consumers requires a different, data-driven approach. The ability for digital marketers to target audiences based on value, and for incremental growth, is exactly what a mid-funnel targeting strategy should deliver. And this is how TruSignal is helping clients achieve new growth today.

Today, we announced the unveiling of Demand Campaigns, a new approach to digital marketing that focuses on a middle-funnel strategy to target and acquire high-value consumers not yet showing in-market signals, but who look like your existing, best customers. Through a variety of campaigns: Demand Creation, Lead Reactivation and Direct Mail Acceleration, TruSignal builds custom audiences of high-value consumers; executes and optimizes campaigns across many channels; and measures the success of your campaigns by measuring the incremental new customers caused by each campaign.

Learn more about the following three factors for conquering mid-funnel marketing in today’s press release.

3 Key Factors for Conquering Mid-Funnel Digital Marketing

  1. The Right Audience: Target high-value consumers who look like your existing, best customers before they are showing in-market signals.
  2. The Right Optimization: Consumers who are not in-market for your product need to be messaged to consistently over time and across various channels in order to create interest and drive action.
  3. The Right Measurement: A mid-funnel strategy can’t be measured on a last-click basis. In order to understand campaign ROI, a test/control methodology should be used to understand how many new, incremental customers the campaign caused over and above the new customers who would have been acquired without the campaign.
David Dowhan

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As CEO and founder of TruSignal, David leads business strategy and product development efforts and is keen to create innovative, customer-centric solutions using data and analytics.
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