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Actual Auto Ownership Data for 187 Million Vehicles

We use different data than competitors to enhance your targeting capabilities. Our data is sourced from service records that allows us to target owners at the individual and household level, something you can’t do with DMV data. With TruSignal, you can reach real owners, covering 70% of autos on the road today. We also use our owner data to build Near Market Auto Buyers audiences. We create a predictive score for 220 million U.S. adults that calculates consumers’ likelihood to buy, and their financial capacity to afford a particular car. Our predictive audiences are targetable by more than 300  make/model and body style combinations, and are available across every channel and device: desktop, TV, radio, mobile, social and video.


Massive Coverage for Business Owners & Decision Makers

Our business data covers 65 million small-business decision makers and 55 million mid- and large-business contacts—covering 97% of businesses in the U.S. With more than 90 pre-built audiences and hundreds of audience combinations, you can target by titles, revenue, industry, company size and more. Every offline record is linked to an actual consumer profile. With more than 640 million anonymous cookie profiles and 720 million hashed emails, we expand the reach of our targeting capabilities across desktop, social, mobile, TV, radio and video.

Financial Services:

Drive Customer Acquisition with Financial Services Audiences

Using our core data set, we pre-built financial services audiences based on actual consumer data. These audiences predict who are great prospects for insurance and banking products, as well as provide audience insights on financial health and capacity. Every audience is anonymized so you can safely target across every channel and device: desktop, social, mobile, TV, radio and video.


Actual Voter Data for 160 Million Voters

TruSignal uses a high-quality political data set of voter records from all 50 states and the District of Columbia for targeting. Target people based on actual voter data. We also use our actual registration, donor and voter data to pre-build audiences that predict party affiliation, likely donors and voters, and likelihood to support specific candidates and issues. Our predictive political audiences help you pinpoint the right people to reach. Our more than 30 pre-built audiences include Undecided "Swing" Voters, Donates to Conservative Causes, Social Views Liberal and more.

Political audiences are only available to political advertisers.

Specialized Audiences Can Expand Your Business

Get more details on how TruSignal's Specialized Audiences help you exceed marketing objectives in our Specialized Audience Buyers’ Guide.  For additional targeting capabilities, custom audiences are always available upon request.

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The Numbers Speak For Themselves


near-market prospects for every in-market buyer



increase in targeting efficiency

What Makes Our Audiences One-of-a-Kind


TruSignal makes offline data work. We use profile data from actual consumers to calculate a score for 220 million adults U.S. adults to determine who is likely to be a great customer. We aggregate data from multiple sources, covering 12 different data categories, to amass a data set with more than 9 billion data points.

If you use segment targeting, you’re missing millions of people who have the potential to be great customers because they don’t meet one or two demographic characteristics. Predictive audiences target high-value prospects, based on thousands of data points each, so you reach more of the right people at scale.

Our audiences start with verified profile data so you can be confident you’re targeting real people—and the same audience— across every screen and every device.


Additional Audiences

Our exhaustive audience selection includes additional predictive audiences to help meet any campaign objective.

Online Higher Education

Prospects likely to submit an online lead and enroll in higher education.

Online Games & Quizzes

Prospects likely to have an interest in online games and quizzes.


Prospects likely to have an interest in travel, including air travel, car rentals, cruises, hotels and lodging or vacation packages.


Prospects likely to have an interest in various lifestyles.

Healthy Living

Prospects likely to have an interest in healthy living.

Real Estate

Prospects likely to have an interest in real estate.