Pre-Built, Customer-Centric Audiences

Our Specialized Audiences leverage our core big data and specialized data sets to build highly precise, industry-specific audiences based on actual customer past purchases. They are portable across channels and they’re available right now through BlueKai.

  • Declared Audiences – Non-modeled audiences sourced from local listings, public, and private records
  • Predictive Audiences – Industry-specific modeled audiences using 1,000s of predictive factors from actual customer past purchases

So, even if you can’t spend the time to create a custom audience, you can still achieve great results.

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Declared Audiences

Observed and self-declared data, linked back to targetable consumer profiles.

Automotive Ownership
  • Existing owners for 187 million vehicles in the garage.
  • Covers 70% of the autos on the road today.
  • Includes 40 different makes, 13 body styles, year, or any combination.
  • Sourced from third-party service records, oil changes, dealer service centers and body shops.
Small and Medium Business Decision Makers (SOHO)
  • More than 35 million active small and medium-sized U.S. businesses – 97% of all U.S. businesses.
  • Linked to 65 million historical business records.
  • Enhanced targeting by revenue size, industry, number of employees, year started, and corporation type.
  • Aggregated from hundreds of sources including state business registration information, U.S. Census and private sources to ensure  comprehensiveness and quality.
  • 1.3 million homes recently listed for sale every month.
  • Linked to the individual profiles.
  • Data refreshed monthly.
  • Sourced from over 200 national and local data sources listing homes for sale.

Predictive Audiences

These audiences are built using the same methodology as our TruAudience Solutions. Each audience is based on a sample of actual past purchasers or consumers, using offline profile data and 1,000s of predictive factors to evaluate all 220 million U.S. adult profiles — one at time. The result is powerful, predictive audiences with scale that are anonymized and ready-to-go.

Term Life Insurance Download PDF

Prospects likely to purchase term life insurance policies through online channels.

Higher Education  Download PDF

Prospects likely to submit an online lead and enroll in higher education programs.

Near-Market Auto Buyers

Prospects with a high propensity to purchase and have appropriate financial capacity for specific make, models and body styles.

Auto Insurance Download PDF

Prospects likely to purchase auto insurance policies through online channels

Estimated Financial Health Download PDF

Estimates capacity to satisfy existing financial obligations.

Estimated Household Income Download PDF

Estimates household income based upon profile factors such as public records, demographics, geography and past purchase.

Mortgage Refinance Download PDF

Prospects likely to refinance their mortgage through online channels.

Political Donors Download PDF

Prospects likely to contribute to political parties based on characteristics of consumers who previously donated money.

Underbanked Download PDF

Underbanked prospects likely to require services such as money transfer, prepaid debt cards and short-term loans.

Easy to Use Across Devices and Channels

All of our Specialized Audiences are available on BlueKai, and portable across DMPs, trading desks, and DSPs reaching Premium Display, RTB, mobile, video, Facebook and Twitter.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Here are some results from recent TruSignal campaigns.


Specialized Audience Buyers’ Guide

Get the details on our pre-built audiences, what’s available, how they are built and how you can use them to meet your campaign goals.

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