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We Create New Demand

TruSignal’s integrated platform was developed from the ground up to create new demand across all digital channels. Custom Solutions identify and target high-value prospects. CRM Solutions reactivate your existing customers across all digital channels. These mid and upper-funnel digital advertising solutions effectively and efficiently move the needle on key business KPIs, and we have the measurement capabilities and results to prove it.

Custom Solutions

Acquire new customers who look just like your best ones.

Our analytics engine starts with a sample of your existing, best customers. It evaluates thousands of offline data points to pinpoint the key attributes that define your best customers. The platform then combines about one hundred key insights using a predictive model and targets new prospects with these attributes.

Our operations team optimizes campaign execution across multiple online channels and partners with you to measures results using a closed-loop CRM matching methodology called TruPerformance.

CRM Solutions

Turbocharge your CRM marketing campaigns.

Imagine running a direct mail campaign to your prospecting list, and marketing to those same prospects online at the same time your mail drops. Or being able to re-engage with aged leads or lapsed customers who have been non-responsive to your marketing efforts, across multiple channels and devices.

Whether it’s for a direct mail campaign, email campaign, cross-sell, up-sell, lapsed customer or aged leads promotion, TruSignal CRM Solutions can significantly increase your ROI.

Pre-Built Audiences

Easy access to predictive and declared audiences.

Looking for an accurate, scalable audience solution you can use immediately to create new demand or drive awareness?  TruSignal offers two types of Pre-Built Audiences:

  1. Declared Audiences are observed or self-declared audiences, such as business ownership, for-sale listings and auto ownership.
  2. Predictive Audiences are vertical-specific, high-propensity audiences designed to target likely prospects at scale.

Available through BlueKai for immediate use.


Take a closer look at how Demand Campaigns create new demand across digital channels, focus on your most valuable prospects and enhance your existing bottom-funnel efforts.

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