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Drive New Business Growth

TruSignal creates incredibly precise, people-based audiences that improve the accuracy and efficiency for branding campaigns, expand prospecting campaigns by acquiring high-value consumers you’re not reaching today and improve the ROI for direct response campaigns by avoiding consumers who will never buy.

How we do it? We analyze 1,000s of predictive factors based on your best customers, identify what is most important and then evaluate all U.S. adults one at a time to identify those most likely to convert. Learn More

Select either a TruAudience Solution that is a custom built audience for your company or a Specialized Audience that is pre-built and ready-to-go now.

TruAudience Solutions

100% Custom Audience to your best customers.

The TruAudience model analyzes thousands of offline data points and  predictive factors to evaluate each of the 220 million profiles — one at time — determining their fit for your brand and likelihood to convert.

Clients use these audiences for more efficient branding campaigns, finding high-value prospects that have been overlooked and improving direct response campaign performance by minimizing the wasted advertising to unlikely converts.

Specialized Audiences

Easy access to predictive and declared audiences.

We leverage our core big data and specialized data sets to build highly precise and effective industry specific audiences. We have two types of Specialized Audiences:

  1. Declared Audiences — non-modeled audiences, such as 65 million business decision makers, 187 million auto owners, and 1.3 million monthly homes listed for sale.
  2. Predictive Audiences — industry specific audiences designed to target likely prospects at scale using 1,000s of predictive factors from a sample of actual consumer past purchases.

Available through BlueKai for immediate use.

Custom Data Solutions

Turbocharge your CRM marketing campaigns.

Whether it’s for a direct mail campaign, email campaign, lapsed customer or aged leads promotion, site personalization and dynamic creative, TruSignal provides the data solutions to significantly increase your ROI.

Powerful data that’s easy to work with and we measure results to show the growth for your business.


Take a deeper dive on how incredibly precise, people-based digital audiences can drive new growth for your business.

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