Our predictive scoring platform is built for people-based marketing.

We Make Offline Data Work For You

We make offline data work for digital marketing in three simple steps. We use your first-party data and offline consumer profile data to calculate a score for 220 million U.S. adults that predicts who is likely to become your next best customer. These custom-built audiences are based on actual people, provide you a comprehensive view of your consumers and are portable across every channel and device.


Your 1st Party Data

We start with your first-party data: a sample of your existing or ideal customers. You can choose to send your sample of customers in one of many ways, including a pixel fire from web conversion pages, a CRM file or through your DMP, to name a few.


On-Demand Predictive Scoring Platform

We use the sample of your best customers and our massive store of offline data to analyze thousands of data attributes per profile—weighting them according to their relative importance—to build a predictive model unique to your brand. Then we use this model to calculate a score of 0 to 99 for 220 million U.S. adults to predict who is likely become your next best customer.


Use the Scores Everywhere

We deliver all of the scores to you so you can target the top scoring adults to meet branding and prospecting initiatives, and so you can avoid wasting ad budget on the lowest scoring adults who are highly unlikely to convert. All of our audiences are platform agnostic and can be used through any of our more than 200 linkage partners, allowing you to reach the exact same people across every channel and device: desktop, TV, radio, mobile, social and video. Finally, we share the data insights we discover about your existing customers.

Accelerate your customer acquisition with predictive scoring.