We Focus on What Matters Most – Sales and ROI

Bottom funnel campaigns identify and convert in-market users. Optimization requires rapidly shifting a budget to different tactics and placements which correlate with clicks and online conversions. Success can be measured with real-time pixel fires, last click, or even view through.

In contrast, creating mid-funnel demand requires repeated exposure of the same people at the correct frequency and cadence over a period of weeks. So while we use real-time events to fine tune a campaign, we measure success with actual sales and improvements in average customer value: the KPIs tied to your business success, not a digital proxy.

With years of experience in optimizing mid-funnel campaigns, the team is highly analytical, responsive to your needs, and focused on driving measurable business results.


Valuable Insights Every Step of the Way

As your campaign progresses, we will partner with your team or agency to share insights about the audience that can be leveraged across other media campaigns. From the initial Audience Report that details the key attributes identified from your best customers, to the mid-campaign optimization updates, to the post-campaign TruPerformance analysis, we’ll share what worked and our learnings.


Trust and Transparency are Core to How We Operate

From start to finish, integrity and trust are hallmarks of the way TruSignal operates. We’re always completely transparent with all media expenditures. We don’t mark up or arbitrage the media, and you see all the costs.