Precise Audiences at Scale

Powerful Offline Data

The TruSignal core data set is built using 12 different types of non-sensitive offline data covering core consumer insights on 97% of the U.S. We use multiple sources of data to validate and ensure the highest quality data. In addition to the core data set, TruSignal has four key specialized data sets:

  • Auto Ownership for 70% of the autos in garages
  • Pre-Mover for 1.3 million homes listed for sale
  • Small and Medium Business Decision Makers covering 97% of US businesses
  • Financial Health for 120M US households

A significant portion of the data we use is simply not available online.

Unlike typical online cookie profiles containing fewer that 50 data points, our offline data contains literally thousands of data points per profile. This data is best for mid and upper funnel marketing – drawing on deep insights about the customer profile before they show in-market signals.

Cutting-Edge Predictive Analytics Engine

The power of TruSignal Audiences comes from not just the data but how we use it. Our cutting edge predictive analytics engine evaluates thousands of raw data points per profile to determine the right combination of key attributes – a unique formula of about 100 attributes per audience.

Robust Matching

Finally, the last key step is being able to match the audience to anonymous online identifiers to target 1:1. We use the unique formula to sift through the 220 million US profiles to identify the audience. Leveraging the 97% US household coverage, more than 600 million hashed emails and encrypted 240 million mobile devices, we are able to anonymously digitize the audiences across multiple devices and channels.

The result is precision at scale: you’ll be able to target an estimated 10 to 20 million high-value prospects who have exactly the same characteristics as your best customers.


Looking for more details about our data? Take a deeper dive here.

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