Our Approach

TruSignal's Three-Step Approach

Bottom-funnel online marketing strategies find prospects who are in-market and ready to buy. They focus on immediate conversions by turning interested prospects into paying customers. You are probably running several bottom-funnel campaigns, but are you able to meet your growth targets? For most marketers, there is simply not enough prospects in-market today in order to meet company growth targets.

What if you could look above the bottom-funnel, and find likely future customers who are not yet in market? What if you could actually target and create new demand in future customers based upon their predicted value? This is where TruSignal’s mid-funnel Demand CampaignsSM fill a hole in your digital marketing strategy.

Acquire High-Value Customers in the Mid-funnel

If your marketing objective is to create new demand and acquire high-value customers you aren’t reaching today or you want to accelerate the success of your existing bottom-funnel strategies, a TruSignal Demand Campaign can help. 

Learn more about best practices for mid-funnel audience creation, campaign optimization, and ROI measurement.

Audience Creation

Find profitable new customers by building a custom lookalike audience based on your existing, best customers. 

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Campaign Optimization

Our experts can manage your mid-funnel strategies or we can transfer a custom audience to your agency for execution.

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ROI Measurement

Provable Results. Measure the number of incremental new customers with our closed-loop system.

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