Demand Campaigns

"TruSignal enables us to create new demand in the marketplace by targeting users who may or may not have considered online education, but have a high propensity to convert and sustain as a student at Liberty."

Claire Diamond
Strategic Communications
Liberty University Online

There are a limited number of consumers who are in-market for your product or service right now. Bottom-funnel acquisition campaigns, such as search, retargeting, behavioral, contextual, and demand-side platform (DSP) conversion algorithms are effective at converting existing demand. But how are you growing your customer base beyond in-market strategies? What are you doing to create new demand higher up the conversion funnel? In order to grow your customer base tomorrow, you need an effective mid-funnel strategy.

Create New Demand in High-Value Future Customers

TruSignal's Demand CampaignsSM are an effective mid-funnel strategy to acquire incremental, profitable customers you’re not reaching today. This data-driven approach targets future customers based on value, even before they are showing in-market signals. By creating more demand, the campaigns work with your existing bottom-funnel efforts to expand the market and focus on your most profitable future customers. Equally important, TruSignal has the analytics to measure the ROI impact of demand campaigns.

We partner with marketers and their agencies to acquire new, profitable customers with three types of Demand Campaigns: 

High-Value Prospecting

Grow your customer base by targeting likely future customers before they are showing in-market behavior.

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Lead Reactivation

Rekindle interest and acquire new customers by targeting an existing list of aged leads online.

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Direct Mail Acceleration

Improve conversion rates of direct mail campaigns by targeting the same prospects online.  

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