Gordy Meyer

Gordy Meyer

Chief Executive Officer

Gordon (Gordy) has held several senior executive positions in his career, leading the start-up and development of many successful companies. Gordy brings significant experience and thought leadership in the application of analytics and decision sciences within marketing, credit and collections operations. For ten years, he held management and policy development responsibilities in managing Fingerhut's $2 billion direct mail catalog sales.

In 1994 Gordy founded RiskWise and led the development of a highly regarded risk management company focused on the development and distribution of a series of sophisticated decision products for credit, fraud prevention, collections, security and payment risk. These solutions were adopted widely by the nation's top financial, telecommunications and receivable management companies.

LexisNexis acquired RiskWise in June 2000. He continued to lead the RiskWise business and held senior roles in the LexisNexis technology organization until June of 2003. In the fall of 2003, Gordy founded TruSignal's sister company, eBureau, a successful real-time information services and consumer scoring company. In addition to his duties at TruSignal, he also serves as eBureau's CEO.  

Gordy graduated from the University of Minnesota Morris in 1983 and earned a Masters of Business Administration from St. Cloud State University.