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Brilig & TruSignal Bring Custom-Built Audiences to Online Advertisers

Author: Jeremy Longinotti, Chief Revenue Officer
June 26, 2012

Finding partners who share similar philosophies and strategic goals are gems in today’s fragmented world of digital marketing. We were lucky enough to find just that in Brilig. Both companies are founded on the belief that automation can improve the efficiency, performance and ROI of digital advertising. To that end, today we announced a new partnership that focuses on using campaign-specific data combined with consumer data to build custom audiences through the Brilig Data Marketplace.  Use the new joint offering to target ads to more consumers who look precisely like those responding to or converting from your campaigns and you’ll quickly improve the efficiency, performance and scale of your digital advertising.

Here’s a quick 4-step guide to show you how you can take advantage of this new offering:

1) You upload your campaign performance data into Brillig.
2) TruSignal analyzes the historical performance of your key campaign metrics and compares it against 10,000 different offline data points to find the most predictive signals within the data.
3) TruSignal builds a custom audience just for your campaign, including unique data sets that are not available anywhere else.
3) TruSignal uploads your custom audience to Brilig.
4) You purchase your campaign specific audience through Brillig and watch performance go up by 2x-4x.

In addition to the custom capability Brilig and TruSignal offers, our TruAudience Syndicated Segments are also available for purchase as stand-alone targeting segments or in combination with Brilig’s 7500+ segments to create targeted direct response campaigns with lift! Using Brilig’s lift reports, platform users will be able to discover TruSignal’s audiences which show high propensity for specific services or affinities, such as online education, term life insurance, mortgage refinance and political affiliation.

Wanna learn more? Please let us know or simply contact Brilig. If you’re an existing buyer on the Brilig platform, call your account rep who can discuss the process of building a custom audience.



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