People-Based Marketing’s Your Only Option in This Programmatic Age. Here’s Why.

As programmatic advertising booms, marketers who better understand the value of each impression and individual will gain significant advantage over their competitors. A critical element in their success will be people-based advertising. Why is people-based advertising so important? Because it … Continue reading

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Automaker Says ‘No’ to Age-Old Marketing Drawbacks, Achieves Campaign Efficiency

Digital marketing campaigns are full of trade-offs: increase targeting precision, sacrifice scale; scale up, lose efficiency. We recently worked with an automaker in this exact situation. The automaker was using demographic segments of age, gender, income and education for audience … Continue reading

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Eyeview’s Accelerator Auto Solution Bridges Gap Between Tier 1 Branding & Tier 2 Regional Communications

In today’s automotive communication, there’s a gap between the emotional brand-focused messaging of Tier 1 and the timely, regional communication of Tier 2. Both are influential messages in the buying journey and Eyeview’s Accelerator helps bridge that gap. With Accelerator, … Continue reading

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How Not Targeting Makes You a Better Marketer

If you’re a direct response marketer and your conversion rates are 100 percent, this article probably isn’t for you. For the rest of you looking to move the needle in your digital campaigns, continue on. The premise of direct response … Continue reading

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Why Predictive Analytics Is a Must-Have for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital campaigns should drive sales – it’s pragmatic in theory, yet problematic in practice. That’s why innovative marketers with aggressive customer acquisition growth goals are incorporating predictive analytics into their digital marketing toolkit. Predictive analytics, more specifically predictive modeling, is … Continue reading

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Third-Party Data: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Have you tried adding third-party data to your digital targeting campaigns only to realize it didn’t help? There are vendors in the ecosystem who claim third-party data is optimal for audience targeting, and then they don’t deliver. Third-party data is … Continue reading

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Secrets of the middle funnel: Four simple steps to grow your business

By now, marketers are well-versed in direct response, aka bottom funnel, marketing – i.e., search marketing,retargeting and behavior targeting. The middle funnel is about influencing the right shoppers and prospects before they are in-market or ready to buy. For longer … Continue reading

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Direct mail and online advertising: enemies or friends?

The best disasters are the ones that never happen. When television first became popular in the 1950’s, many observers predicted that this exciting new medium would make radio obsolete. When the VCR was introduced in 1975, doomsayers predicted that movie … Continue reading

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TruSignal Pioneers New Approach to Digital Marketing

SAN FRANCISCO – March 3, 2014 – TruSignal, a next generation, data-driven marketing company, announced today a new approach to digital marketing and introduced Demand CampaignsSM mid-funnel digital campaigns that target future customers based on value.

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Conquering the Middle Funnel Requires a New Approach to Digital Marketing

The entire premise around mid-funnel marketing is to influence users to learn more about your brand, to educate them and motivate them to take action. But unless you are targeting the right people, those who look like your existing, best … Continue reading

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