Stop Targeting Segments

Start Connecting with People.

We use offline big data and predictive modeling to build incredibly precise, people-based audiences that power digital advertising for brands, agencies and marketing platforms.

Client Results We Deliver

Better accuracy and efficiency of your programmatic advertising and branding.

Case Study:

Programmatic Branding

Expand your customer acquisition with new, high-value prospects you’re missing today.

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High-Value Prospecting

Improve your cost per acquisition for DR campaigns by avoiding wasted impressions.

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Audience Filtering

Increase conversion rates of your direct mail, lead reactivation and CRM marketing campaigns.

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Direct Mail Acceleration

Audience Targeting for Programmatic

We build solutions to solve programmatic advertising objectives. Whether you want more effective branding or lower CPAs, TruSignal creates people-based audiences that are easy to use with your media platforms and digital programs.

Video Overview. Watch how to unlock the power of your customer data and connect with your best prospects online.


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Audience Targeting Platform

Built like no other, our Audience Targeting Platform combines our best-of-breed offline third-party data, predictive modeling engine, people-based scoring and cross-channel onboarding. Instead of using one or two generic data attributes, we analyze thousands of offline data points to discover the strongest data signals for your brand. We then evaluate 220 million U.S. adult profiles — one at a time — to predict who is likely to be your next customer … and who is not.

How TruSignal Works - Step 1

Offline Third-Party Profile Data

40x the data available in an online cookie

How TruSignal Works - Step 2

Predictive Modeling Engine

Analyzing thousands of attributes for each audience

How TruSignal Works - Step 3



Evaluating the fit of 220 million profiles — one at a time

How TruSignal Works - Step 4

Cross-Channel Onboarding

Reaching the same audience in mobile, TV, social, display and video

Our Vision

Unlock Big Data to power incredibly precise digital marketing that grows your business.

“The era of 1:1 targeted marketing has tremendous potential. The challenge is knowing what data is relevant and how to use it effectively. That’s why we founded TruSignal: to identify the right signals hidden within data and to use that intelligence to build incredibly precise audiences that are effective, scalable and measurable.” David Dowhan, President

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