Your new customers are everywhere

If you know how to find them.

We develop and execute mid-funnel digital advertising campaigns to create new demand and acquire valuable customers.

TruSignal Creates Demand

Not enough consumers looking for your product or service? You need to create demand higher up the funnel. Our Demand Campaigns acquire new customers you’re not reaching today by digitally targeting prospects based on their value to you— before they’ve even raised their hands.

Video Overview. Looking for the big picture first? Watch this video to see how to unlock the power of your customer data and connect with your best prospects online.

Integrated Platform

The platform combines all the critical elements for a successful mid-funnel digital campaign: massive offline data, predictive audience development, cross channel on-boarding, expert campaign management, and closed-loop KPI measurement.  We offer an end-to-end solution or a custom audience you can add to your media plan.

Our Vision

Unlock the intelligence hidden within your data to generate new demand.

“The era of 1:1 targeted marketing has tremendous potential. The challenge is knowing what data is relevant and how to use it effectively. That’s why we founded TruSignal: to identify the right signals hidden within data and to use that intelligence to execute audience targeted campaigns that are effective, scalable and measurable.” David Dowhan, President

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White Paper: A Marketer’s Guide to Online Audience Expansion.

How lookalike and act-alike audiences can help you find new customers.

Secrets of the middle funnel: Four simple steps to grow your business

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TruSignal-Case_Study_Automotive_thumbLuxury Automaker Improves Digital Targeting Efficiency

A custom-built lookalike audience
identifies 8 million prospects who look like consumers who recently bought competitive models, improving targeting efficiency by 81%.

OMMA Audience Targeting L.A.

Much of the audience targeting focus today is on in-market users and how a of myriad online data signals can be mined to help marketers close existing demand today. It’s an integral part . . .

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